5 PowerPoint mistakes you should avoid

When you want to create a presentation, you will take a look at Microsoft PowerPoint. It is the best and the most recommended software available for the creation of presentations. However, we often see how people make mistakes at the time of creating their PowerPoint presentations. Here are 5 such common mistakes that people do. Whether you are creating a presentation individually or as teamwork, you need to ensure that you refrain from committing to these mistakes at all times.

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1. Don't include too much text

One of the most common mistakes that people do with PowerPoint presentations is that they tend to include too much text. You need to keep the text in your slides minimal as much as possible. Including too much text will not help you to deliver more content to your audience. Instead, you will be confusing your audience. You should keep the slides look minimal and deliver content through your words.

2. Pick appropriate fonts

The next thing you should be mindful of is the fonts. You should select a minimalist font such as Calibri for the delivery of text in your presentation. On the other hand, you need to make sure that you are not including more than two different font types in the presentation as well. If you do, you will fail to ensure consistency in the presentation. Last, use larger font sizes, always above 16 points for the message.

3. Use high-quality visual content

    The visual content you include in the PowerPoint, including photos and videos should be of high quality. You need to think twice before you pick a video or image from the internet. Double-check and make sure that it is of appropriate quality. Clear graphics and bright colors will be able to help you with attracting your audience effectively.

    4. Be mindful about the transitions and moves

      You shouldn't make any mistakes with the transitions and moves in your presentations. They should be smooth and natural. When you make them smooth and natural, you will find it an easy task to make the presentation more engaging.

      High contrast PowerPoint

      5. Don’t use bad contrast

        Last but not least, you should be mindful of contrast. You should ensure that the text in your presentation matches with the backgrounds. Then you will be able to deliver your content clearly. You should pick the best color combinations and include them in the presentation to ensure a smooth contrast.

        Keep these mistakes in mind and make sure you don’t commit them. If you don't have a clear understanding of how to deal with these mistakes, you can handover the work to a designing agency.

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