Congress presentation and how to catch the crowd

Preparing a great congress presentation can really help you showcase your ideas and take them to the next level. With a good presentation, you will be able to make your voice heard. Plus, it’s a great way to stand out during a very important congress within your industry. That means you can generate a lot of new connections, and that alone can be extremely helpful.

What structure should you use for a congress presentation?

Ideally you will have to prepare a 12-slide PowerPoint presentation and a commentary of around 10 minutes. Depending on the things you want to present, you may even have to bring in a shorter format and with that comes less time.

When it comes to the format, we recommend you to start with a presentation, then an initial workup, management, follow-up and learning points. Of course, this is just a framework, and you can remove and add things as you go along.

  • The presentation should be in the PowerPoint format
  • You should consider the landscape orientation for a congress presentation because the portrait version is not displaying well and can lead to issues. The 9x16 format is better because you get to see everything fullscreen, whereas the 4x3 format is cut both left and right from the projectors.
  • Maintain the standard Windows fonts, as any other fonts might not display property
  • If you insert images in your presentation, they should be at least 300DPI.
  • Videos can be used, but you can only embed them into the presentation. The format has to be .pptx to avoid any issues. The same format needs to be used on Apple computers, ideally you want to use the PowerPoint 2016 version.
  • Windows 7 or later is needed before you use the presentation.

How to catch the crowd with a congress presentation?

Happy group in your audience

The first thing you want to do is to not have a very long introduction. During a congress people expect content that comes quickly and which is to the point. If you drag on too long, the presentation will not be as efficient. So what you want to do is to keep the intro short.

On top of that, you want to integrate as much content as you can that makes everything descriptive. Sharing details and facts that back up your claims and story, especially research will help your presentation reach and impress the target audience.

You also want to include multimedia content like images or videos. All these things help bring in a sense of immersion and they also improve the interaction as well. You just need to use the approach as an advantage and ensure that you obtain the best results. When you do that, nothing will be able to stand in your way.


Creating the right congress presentation can be quite the challenge. However, you always need to try and make it succinct, full of information and backed up by research. If possible, try to showcase a variety of examples via images and videos. It will make your presentation a lot more appealing, and it will also bring your vision about that topic to life. Use these tips, and you will have no problem creating a very impressive and unique congress presentation!

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