How to change icon color in PowerPoint

When you are creating a PowerPoint presentation, you can think about using icons on it. The icons that you use in the presentation would provide you the opportunity to enhance the look and feel of it. To make your presentations look perfect, you will also be gaining access to a large number of icons as well. However, you might sometimes notice that the icons you get are boring looking. This is where you can enhance the look and feel of the icons with the help of PowerPoint. There are some in-built features in PowerPoint, which you can use to get the job done. Keep on reading and you will figure out how to do it.

Why should you use colorful icons?

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If you are not in a position to purchase stock images to add to the presentation, the next best alternative available for consideration would be adding colorful images. You can easily add colorful icons to the presentation and make it look exciting. You will be getting a bunch of in-built icons along with PowerPoint. You just need to go through the icons and then pick the best ones that match with your presentation. Then you will be able to make them look colorful as per the specific preferences that you have as well.

Steps to use colorful icons in PowerPoint

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You should initially locate the icon that you want from the Icon Finder tool available in PowerPoint. Along with that, you should also select the overall size of the icon that you want as well. It is recommended for you to pick an icon with the largest size, which is 512 x 512 pixels. Then you should select the format of it as PNG. This is the native format supported in PowerPoint.

Once you are done with inserting the icon into PowerPoint, you will need to go to the Format Picture section. This is where you will be able to see an option named recolor. You should click on that and proceed to recolor the image. Next, you will need to pick any color according to your preferences. Upon selecting a color, you can provide that to the icon.

Why should you use PowerPoint for changing icon colors?

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If you are going to change the color of icons in a PowerPoint presentation, you should take the maximum out of features that are available in PowerPoint and get the job done. Then you will be able to receive outstanding results without encountering any challenges. That’s because you can get your requirement catered without spending too much of time on it.

You will be able to refrain from using a dedicated image editor to change the color of images by going forward with this approach. Therefore, you can even save time when you are changing the color of icons. If you are using the PowerPoint cloud version, you will be able to get the job done easily on the web browser as well. This will help you to make sure that you are not limiting yourself to any specific operating system.

Along with the benefits, it is worthy to have a basic understanding about the drawbacks that come along with this method as well. Changing color of an icon would be relative when compared to the original color associated with it. Hence, changing a color at some of the instances would be difficult when compared to a specific color. While keeping that in mind, you can continue to use PowerPoint and change the color of icons that you are using.

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