How to unleash your full potential for public speaking


Tony Robbins - Focus on where you want to go, not what you fear.

According Karen Kangas Dwyer & Marlina M. Davidson study “Is Public Speaking Really More Feared Than Death?” it is confirmed, that most people fear public speaking more than death. Maybe you are one of them. I want to give you some very relevant tips how to overcome it. Tony Robbins is a great resource for personal development. While his recommendations are not designed for PowerPoint presentations in meetings, you can use some of his highly effective techniques. Here are the most important lessons.

Grab your audience attention

The people in your audience will have different preferences on their preferred channel. There are auditive (hear), visual (see) and kinetic (feel) preferences. You need to address all three to catch everyone.  Speak loud and clear. Create images in their minds. Instead of simple number of “1 Million” create pictures like “almost three times from the earth to the moon”. Use stunning slides with least possible amount of text. Use verbal and nonverbal communication to make them feel your story. Hold your hand up in the height of your chest and close it with words “you can grab it”. They will feel it.

The Power of your Body

The state of mind will follow your body gesture. Before the presentation bring yourself into the mood: Lift up your arms above your body to have the winning pose. Chin up, stay or sit straight, shoulders back and chest out. With this powerful body gesture, try now to feel sad! It doesn´t work, right? Dive now in the winning pose. Increase your heart rate in moving your body a bit, like making 10 squats or running 10 seconds on the spot. Increase oxygen level through slowly breathe deeply in through the nose – hold a couple of seconds – exhale slowly out of the mouth. Repeat deep breathing 4-5 times.

Impossible - Change with the right mindset

Extraordinary results with the right mindset

Have your goal in mind. Write it down. Think that you have already achieved it. Imagine it vividly. Hear the loud and intense applause from the audience. See their excitement in their faces and their moving bodies while clapping. Feel the warm and strong feeling of success in your chest.


Kill your negative thoughts with the “swish” pattern. If you see yourself failing in your mind. How does it look like for you? Large, bright, colorful and in the center “Everyone is laughing?”. Make it small, blurry, black and white and put it to right corner. Remember a time where you felt very successful. Make it large, bright, colorful and in the center, similar to the negative picture before and exchange it. Repeat the exchange of the experiences 10 times. You will feel the difference!

Still doubts?

Think about the worst what could happen. Losing your job? People laughing? While our mind thinks about 90% of things which will not happen, appreciate your thoughts. What can you do in the next 10 minutes to mitigate the risk? Do you need to read some additional documents? Make your research. Fear of negative comments? Make a list what might be said. Prepare yourself and everything will be great.

Hack yourself - You can do it!


With just a few hacks you will have stunning results. Relax. Tell your story. Your training will have long-lasting effect on the audience. Your pitch presentation rocks . You catch your clients and customers to get your additional sales. You can achieve much more than you think. I wish you unlimited success  for your journey. Enjoy the way you are going. Smile!



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