How to use colors right

Colors are a powerful element that you have in order to make your presentations look perfect. Hence, you should have a strong understanding on how to use colors in the right way within your presentations. Selecting the best colors is a combination of both art and science. Keep on reading this article, and we will share the basics on how to use colors in the right way within your presentations.

Understand the color wheel

Color wheel

The very first thing you should do when you are trying to use colors in the right way is to understand the color wheel. The color wheel is made out of 12 different color hues. These color hues are arranged surrounding a centralized hub. Colors that you can see in a color wheel are made out of three primary colors, which include blue, red, and yellow. Hence, you can call them as parent colors. When you mix two colors, you will be able to end up with getting a specific color. You should be using the color wheel as the base, and then continue to experiment with different colors, so that you will be able to end up with using appropriate colors effectively.

Exploring color psychology  

If you are aware of color psychology, you will be able to use them in the right way within your presentations and appeal to the emotions of people. In fact, the way how you use colors would make your audience feel about the presentation. You can evoke specific emotions of your audience and convince them about the facts with the way how you are using the color wheel. This is the main reason why color is considered as a strong force, which can create a direct influence on the soul.

Here are some of the most prominent colors and the feelings that they can evoke. With this understanding, you can go ahead and use colors within your presentation accordingly.


red - excitement - energy

Red is the color that you can use to create excitement and energy. You will also be able to represent strength and courage effectively with the red color. Likewise, red color is being used to represent anger and danger as well.


Orange - creativity

Orange is the color associated with creativity. You can also think about using orange color to represent balance, encouragement, happiness, health, and enthusiasm effectively.


Yellow - hope

Yellow is the color that you should be using to evoke hope and optimism. If you want to represent freshness with your presentation, you can think about using orange. On the other hand, it is a color that you can use to represent light and sunshine.


blue - freedom

Blue is the color linked with freedom. You can represent dependability, expansiveness, and trust with the help of this color. Moreover, blue is a color that effectively represents inspiration and faith.


Purple - power

Purple color is often being used to represent power, luxury, and royalty. However, you can also use purple color to represent creativity and pride as well. if you are looking for a way to represent mystery, purple is one of the best colors available to consider.



As you already know, green is the color associated with nature. It is representing generosity, renewal, and freshness as well. When you want to represent something natural and related to the environment, you can think about using green color.

Final words

Now you have a good understanding on what the colors represent and what feelings you can evoke. While keeping that in mind, you can use appropriate colors in your presentations and get the best returns offered on your way.

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