PowerPoint Design Tricks

With the right ideas and a good PowerPoint design service, you will find it easier than ever to create an amazing PowerPoint presentation. The truth is that whenever you present your ideas, your PowerPoint presentation and everything from the slide designed to how you show your ideas will matter quite a bit. An awful presentation can end up bringing in bad results, and you just want to stay away from that.

Create custom slide sizes

Custom made PowerPoint slides for you

Using the default custom slide sizes won’t make your design stand out. What you want to do is to go to File/Page Setup, modify the height and width of the background, and then resize as you see fit. You can do this for every page, making it easy to showcase a professional, distinct style. You can also change the slide template design, go to Themes/Edit Master/Slide Master and perform the changes here.

Aligning objects

The last thing you want for your slide design is to have misaligned objects. Aligning objects is easy, you want to hold shift, click on the objects, press Arrange/Align and Distribute, and then you can select the desired alignment option.

Working with shapes

PowerPoint has a vast range of shape options, more than just rectangles, ovals and so on. The Smart Shapes make it easy to integrate flow charts and diagrams. This helps you establish a powerful visual medium where you can showcase your ideas. You can get past bullet lists and paragraphing this way, so just try to keep that in mind.

Use the Format Menus

These will make it easy to control the design. Right click on any object, press Format, and here you can add reflections, edit shadows, integrate artistic filters, modify the size and so on. You don’t have to stick to a simple design, instead you want to go with a variety of customization options.

Showing websites in your PowerPoint presentation

Normally you just add the link and then require the browser to open. PowerPoint does have a better option, since you can use tools like LiveWeb in order to embed the website and then the link will feel natural and open up within the presentation. It’s fully embedded, and it feels a lot more professional. You can also add GIFs too.


Creating a PowerPoint design can be very difficult if you’re new to this. It can take a lot of time and effort, and as you can imagine, time is of the essence here. What you want to do is to work closely with a PowerPoint design service that will help eliminate issues and focus on getting the best results. This way you can receive a high quality presentation that will impress the audience and show just how much you committed to the work. It’s never easy to stand out with a presentation, especially if you’re very busy and lack the time to create a very comprehensive one. With the right PowerPoint service, you will find it easier than ever to create conference-quality presentations fast and easy. Don’t hesitate and use this type of service today in order to take your presentations to the next level!

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