Things you should not do when using images in your PowerPoint slides

At the time of creating PowerPoint slides, you will come across the need to use lots of images. However, we often see how people make mistakes when using images. This is where you should think about how to use images in the correct way. Otherwise, you will not be able to gain any advantage by using images in your slides.

Don’t use unclear or blurry images

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Images are a powerful tool that you can use in your slides to make them perfect. However, you should refrain from using unclear or blurry images in your slides. Always keep in mind that an image has the potential to deliver thousands of words. However, you should make sure that the images you use are clear. You will need to ensure that all your images are sharp. Then you can get the images and create a strong impact in your slides.

Don’t use images that are too small in size

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You will be able to use images as an excellent source to please your audience. However, you should also ensure that the images you use in your slides are not too small. If the images are too small, you will not be able to please the audience because they don’t fit the purpose. Hence, you should refrain from using slides that are too small.

Be mindful when you are using multiple images

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There are situations where you will get the need to include multiple images in slides. However, using multiple images can disrupt your slides, especially if you don't use them in the right way. Hence, it is a must to have a strong understanding of how to use multiple images on your slides. You should never stack images on top of each other. Then you will make the overlapping images distract the focus on others. It is better if you can neatly stack all the images in a collage. Then you can clearly show them to your audience.

Don’t use images with watermarks

You should also think twice before you use images with watermarks in your slides. If you are creating a business presentation, you should buy a subscription from one of the stock image websites and use clear images. You should never use images with watermarks. Some people use watermarks in their slides and try to hide them. No matter how you try to hide watermarks, your audience will eventually spot them. This can create a negative impression within the minds of your audience. Hence, you should always go for original stock free images that you buy genuinely. You will need to be honest with the visuals that you are using in your slides and it will deliver great returns at the end of the day.

Don’t ignore resolution when you are stretching images

If the image is too small, you will tend to stretch it and enlarge it. However, you should do this only while keeping a good understanding of the resolution. Otherwise, you will fail to make your images look good. You will need to be mindful of the resolution and then drag the images accordingly. This will help you to ensure that you are not distorting the image. Think twice before you do any kind of casual stretching of your images.

Adhere to these principles when you are using slides in the images. Then you can understand how to get the maximum returns out of images that you include in slides. You will fall in love with the outcomes that come with it.

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