about us


In my working life I am in contact with many people and see countless presentations or have worked on just as many. It was not uncommon that presenters did not achieve their goal or could not shine with their content. Part of the reason is how we process information. Generally known are:

Information acquisition Probability of retention
do it yourself 90%
retell / explain 70%
hear + see 50 %
see 30 %
Listen 20 %


Just telling a story without powerful content is not enough. The full potential is thus achieved in a presentation in addition to the language together with visually appealing content. Nothing should distract from your message, especially not an unstructured appearance.

You hardly find PowerPoint outsourcing services with fixed pricing and only a minimum of 150 USD for the first order at any other PowerPoint design agency. Often they ask for high amounts like 2.000 USD plus or you need to ask first for pricing. We work in a fair and transparent way. You can find the pricing online and know what you can expect. We deliver with TELLIT intelligent solutions for individual and inexpensive Powerpoint designs to create a bridge between ready-made templates for download and high-priced storytelling agencies.


Wilhem TELL hit the mark with his arrow (the apple) and we have exactly that goal, so that your presentation will be as successful as the apple shot. It's also in our sTELLjes name.
The IT comes from the English "es", thus say it or also for IT (information technology).


Who are we"?

We have been living in Switzerland for about 10 years and our two daughters were born in Zurich. What fascinates us about Switzerland is the openness of the people and we have already made many friends. As a German, I have grown fond of the "you" culture :-), as well as the history with Wilhelm Tell, for example, and the unique democracy!

We are also fascinated by the magnificent landscape with the mountains and lakes and we love to explore the mountains in Switzerland, like here at Engelberg / Trübsee.

Engelberg - Trübsee

What is important to us!

Honesty, trust and sincerity are our values. Our goal with TELLIT is to deliver outstanding results for our customers. 

With this in mind, we look forward to a successful and long-term cooperation with you!


Tsvetelina and Dennis Stelljes