frequently asked questions

  • Stock pictures

    If your package contains that we should deliver pictures, we would always use license free stock pictures from Shutterstock or freepik. In case you would need premium pictures, we can send you a offer for that as these are not included in the packages.

  • Satisfaction guarantee
    We will do our best to satisfy you! Our prices are calculated very tightly, but three iterations are included in your order (after delivery you can request three changes at no extra cost to you). You can imagine that if you only have 24 hours, that as soon as you turn another round, this takes time again and the money-back guarantee does not yet apply if delivery is made 24 hours later because of one iteration.
    Our recommendation for your success is: Send us your presentation as soon as you are reasonably finished, preferably three days before submission and then you will surely have a final version in time, despite iterations. Guaranteed.
  • languages
    Either German or English communication or presentations is preferred. Using various translation programs, however, it is also possible to communicate and create presentations in other languages. 
  • communication
    The main communication method is via email. If necessary, phone, SMS or Whatsapp are also available. If the presentation is too big for e-mail, we can either use your preferred cloud exchange drive (Google drive, Dropbox, Onedrive etc) or we can send you a link from our cloud storage service.